Hand-crafted in small batches. Proudly made in Texas.

Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, we've got answers. 

Where are your michelada mixes made?

All our mixes are produced in a commercial kitchen. Our mixes are proudly made in small batches in Texas. 

Is there alcohol in the mix?

No. Our mixes are non-alcoholic and are meant to be enjoyed with your favorite beer or sparkling water. 

Do I need anything else to make a michelada?

Nope! While adding salt to the rim or a lime to garnish is suggested, our bottles have everything you need in them to make a michelada with beer or sparkling water. 

What licenses do you have?

We hold both food managers and food manufacturers licenses from the state of Texas. 

How long will the mixes last?

After opening, our mixes will last more than 6 months when refrigerated. 

Where can I find nutrition information for the mixes?

You can find full nutrition information here

I love the mix so much. How can I show my love?

We would appreciate you leaving a customer review to let others know what you think of our mixes. We also have apparel available if you really want to rep your favorite michelada mix when out and about. 

Can I return the mix?

Unfortunately, sales from our website are final and we are unable to accept returned bottles, but we do ask that you please recycle!

If you are not satisfied with your STX Michelada experience, please contact us

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